Designed for IoT-startups

What you'll get

24/7 technological laboratory for the new products. 

Non-government organization to support the inventors and entrepreneurs 

Business development

Our mentors have experience in research and development, production, marketing, sales, financial services, investment, management etc.

Venture Capital

Community of the investors you can trust



Stylish wearable for capturing ideas on the go

Senstone сonverts voice memos into digital text notes and helps organise them by keywords and location, while keeping both audio and text files. No notifications, no need to reach for phone and find relevant app, just tap and speak.

Feel VR

Affordable motion simulator for VR

Feel VR simulates forces, angular velocities and vibrations on your body that act upon player in virtual reality environment.

Can be used for enhanced perception of movies and music as well. It's foldable in under 1 min. Can be used for business and OEM needs (moving base without seat, available API).


Experience the evolution of fitness equipment

You can play interactive fitness game with smart dumbbells. Helko app accurately records each exercise, as well as monitoring calories burned and workout times.


Timely diagnostics — guarantee of your health

Rapid diagnostics of food safety.
Solving the problem of timely diagnosis that made mostly only in the laboratory and takes from several days to several weeks. As a result “annual losses around 1 billion metric tons of foods and food products”, — FAO. We offer a rapid method. It allows to analyze for 20 minutes without highly qualified personnel.


Make IoT world easy to access for business and individuals

Virtual tools for designing your IoT world. Make IoT world easy to access for business and individuals.

Smart Energy


World's first solar smart blinds

SolarGaps are smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy.

Store power in your home battery storage solution so you can use it as an emergency power supply. Produce your own electricity, save on your electricity bills, monitor and control SolarGaps from your smartphone.

Octa Energy

Smart charging station

Charging stations for electric vehicles, designed for the home, street, residential and commercial use.

Control by the controller which is responsible for the access to the station by using RFID cards and light indication of charge status.

NEF Syngas

Waste-to-energy power generating facility

NEF Syngas is a waste-to-energy power generating facility, utilizing various types of waste and converts it into energy. 

Just install the facility and get electricity, heat or liquid fuel from waste, biomass, straw, screenings of grain elevators, grass, leaves, branches, wood chips, medical waste, waste of sugar plants and breweries, supermarkets, animal waste and poultry manure, as well as sludge from water treatment plant and waste of rubbish recycling plants. 

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