Maximize Your Investment Attractiveness
Gain strategic insights and an actionable plan to supercharge your growth
Robo-Advisor for IoT Startups
Our state-of-the-art dashboard empowers IoT startups to effortlessly monitor and manage the critical factors that influence investment potential. Receive an objective assessment of your startup’s market position from an investor’s viewpoint, tailored to your specific stage and funding round.
Proprietary Algorithm for Success
Our cutting-edge algorithm evaluates key metrics such as Credibility, Communication, Recognition, Confidence, Background, and Awareness.
Validate Your Project with Confidence
Stay ahead of market trends and ensure your startup’s success with our data-driven solution. RoboAdviser provides the tools you need to validate your project and align with ever-changing market dynamics.
Elevate Your Startup’s 
Unlock your startup’s full potential with Robo-Advisor’s comprehensive approach. Designed specifically for IoT startups, our solution ensures you are equipped to attract investors and achieve sustained growth.
Our unique approach utilizes the innovative Robo-Advisor for IoT Startups platform to provide tailor-made accelerator programs and specific professional services. With this cutting-edge technology, we set realistic, achievable goals that can be adapted as your startup evolves. This ensures that our support remains relevant and effective throughout your growth journey.
Accelerator Programs
Our accelerator programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each startup. We leverage advanced algorithms to conduct a comprehensive assessment of a startup's current stage and potential.

Our primary objective is to assist startups in securing the necessary funding to succeed. What distinguishes us is our commitment to sharing the risks with the startup team. This fosters a partnership built on trust and significantly enhances the chances of success.
New Product Funding
This program is designed to help to secure the necessary funding for developing and launching new IoT products. We provide targeted support that aligns with a startup's unique needs. For early-stage startups, the main tools for raising capital included in our programs are crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others.
Pilot Production Funding
This program is tailored to achieve the setup of pilot production for new products in the IoT domain. Early-stage startups face challenges in attracting qualified investors and funds due to the inherent risks involved in launching first products and the lack of sales data. For deal structuring and investment, we utilize equity crowdfunding platforms such as Wefunder, StartEngine, Republic, and others.
Professional Services
We offer a comprehensive suite of professional services designed to empower IoT startups at every stage of their growth journey. Our expertise, combined with the Robo-Advisor, provides startups with the strategic guidance and practical support they need to succeed.

Our approach to providing services is highly focused and result-oriented, specifically aimed at raising capital for a startup. Unlike general-purpose service providers, we concentrate exclusively on the critical aspects that drive investment success. This specialization allows us to offer deeper expertise and more effective strategies, ensuring the project secures funding faster.
Strategic Planning and Management
Organizational Development and Transformation
Financial Advisory and Performance Management
Technology and Digital Transformation
Capital Raising Consulting
Content Marketing Services
Pitch Deck Development and Presentation Coaching
Deal Structuring and Negotiation Support
Startups and 
early-stage projects
Campaigns combine equity and product crowdfunding
Raised capital combined by within accelerator programs
About Us
IoT Hub offers essential tools and services to assist startups in raising capital and driving their growth. Our mission is to empower ambitious founders to achieve their full potential, disrupt industries, create lasting positive impacts on society, and bring innovative smart products to market.

With over nine years of experience, IoT Hub has evolved from an accelerator into a leading expert in capital attraction. Our expertise is based on our extensive experience in assessing projects that have passed the qualified selection process at IoT Hub and attracted early-stage investments. It is well known that the early stages of startups are the most challenging to assess due to the lack of production and sales. This "bottleneck" carries the highest level of risk, and it is precisely here that we possess maximum expertise. Our positive track record confirms that the metrics embedded in our new product, Robo-Advisor for IoT Startups, are effective specifically for IoT projects.

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